LBPI Design International: Reaping the rewards of flexible solutions

The workplace is an ecosystem. it must provide the right balance of performance, engagement, and well-being.

Published: 6:54:25am September 11, 2018

Updated: 9:5:26am September 11, 2018

[Editor's note: The following is a press release from LBPI Design International.]

The success of businesses depends on the health of its people. Leading organizations recognize that their physical workplace can help them effectively implement their plan, make their brand stronger and hone their culture, but they often struggle with how to do this in a way that is both resilient and economy-viable.

The key is to design the workplace as an ecosystem of interconnected and interdependent places that support the physical, cognitive and emotional needs of people, and give them the choice and control over where and how they work.

LBPI Design International has progressively established its core expertise in flexible enterprise design and furnishing solutions. In their ideology, they see the workplace as an ecosystem; it must provide the right balance of performance, engagement, and well-being.

LBPI Design International has provided clients with quality products and services. Here are some:

Office and Accent Chairs

When you feel better, you work better. Great chairs can be tools for activating a workspace, providing the comfort necessary for a productive working environment. Sitting well can help you do more.

Executive Suite

Image is a factor in the executive suite, but comfort and functionality are also essential. Whether you’re situated in an office tower or a home office, an executive suite is the perfect combination of elegance and comfort,  projecting a sophisticated statement without saying a word.

Work Stations and Partitions

The most successful organizations integrate workplace, work, and worker into a balanced whole. LBPI can provide adaptive solutions to creating human-centered workplaces.

Filling Systems

LBPI’s filing systems can simultaneously provide storage, display, boundary, and work surface. Modular and reversible, it quickly and easily adapts as an organization grows. Interchangeable modules are available in a variety of sizes and configurations that will efficiently accommodate both current and future storage needs.

Public Seating

People come, people go- but everyone appreciates designs that endure. Leave a mark by expressing culture and foster belonging while giving the best impression to people waiting in comfort and style.

LBPI Design International accomodates a broad spectrum of clients: from small start-up and large businesses. Multinational corporations, and governments have garnered more than satisfactory results and paved LBPI's reputation as ideal collaborating partners.

Through a framework that classifies space based on purpose, actions, time, flexibility, and interactions within the space, We in LBPI see to it that we always understand and assess our clientele needs in the best way possible. -