How can you protect your health?

Watch Piolo Pascual and his friends discuss how you can make sure health won't be a financial issue in the future

Isabel Salvosa

Published: 3:37 PM July 25, 2017

Updated: 1:53 PM July 26, 2017

MANILA, Philippines – When we were younger, life was a constant source of wonder.

But as we grow older, we tend to lose feelings of naiveté and find ourselves just going through the motions – until life throws us a curveball and makes us realize we shouldn’t be so complacent.

“Sayaw,” the third of Sun Life’s short films from Sun Shorts 2, captures this message. It narrates the story of a couple whose love for dance – and each other – diminished as they entered their twilight years.

When the husband suffers from a stroke paralysis, his wife realizes she still loves him. Heartbroken, she wishes she’d danced with him when she had the chance. 

“You think you’re gonna be young forever. Then one day, you’re caught by surprise,” says actor Piolo Pascual in reaction to the film.

Jenny, one of his friends, agrees. “Everything in life is unexpected,” she says.

We never know what comes after the bend in the road, but the best we could do is prepare ourselves and loved ones for possible scenarios. One of the ways we do this is by ensuring we’re covered by life insurance.

“Great motivator ‘yun e, ‘yung love mo for other people. [Love is a great motivator.] That’s what motivates you to do those things,” says Brian, Jenny’s partner.

Another simple way we can prepare for the unexpected is by making sure we're in good health.

This helps alleviate the possibility of being financially burdened with hospital bills. We shouldn’t wait until we're sick to start working on our health.

“That’s the preparation there. Eating healthy, watching yourself, your health,” says Jay, a single dad.

Richard, a Sun Life financial advisor, adds, “As responsible adults, that’s the best thing we could do. We have to prepare for our own future. Katulad niyan, ‘di ba nagkasakit?” [Like in the film, we get sick, too, right?]

One of Sun Life’s newest products is Sun Fit and Well, which offers comprehensive life and health protection, from childhood up to your golden years.

You'll also have access to the best healthcare should illness strike. It covers needs from prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Jenny asks, “There are lots of health insurance out there. It’s hard for me to understand the fine print. What if, at this point, I already have high cholesterol? Genetics is a huge factor also.”

Richard replies that in such cases, there will be an additional premium on top of your basic premium. “It’s important that you’re in good health, so it’s better to start today,” he recommends.

This product comes in 3 variants: Sun Fit and Well, Sun Fit and Well Plus and Sun Fit and Well Advantage.

It is payable in 10, 15, or 20 years. You can also avail of other modes of payment
depending on the variant.

With Sun Fit and Well Advantage, for example, Jay, a 40-year-old male non-smoker, would have to pay an annual premium of P70,120 for 1M face amount, payable in 10 years.

This plan provides life and critical illness insurance protection with guaranteed cash benefits which he will receive starting at age 65, continuing for the next 8 years. 

He can choose to receive the benefits which amount to P50,000 annually, or leave it with the company to accumulate.

He can also receive benefits related to hospitalization and post-hospitalization.

In case he gets diagnosed with any cancer conditions, a cash benefit worth half of the face amount will be granted.

It's easy to push aside the need to prepare for health expenses when you're still young and capable of earning, but planning ahead can ensure that you'll still be comfortable when you retire.

Piolo says, “It’s not just about being fit. It’s important to know what we can avail so we can have better lives.” –