ROUNDTABLE: How do we create a learning environment for digital learners?

Join us for a roundtable to discuss the role of technology in early education on July 11, 10 am

Published: 1:51 AM July 11, 2018

Updated: 2:6 AM July 11, 2018

MANILA, Philippines — Children today are digital natives in every sense of the word. Born in the age of touch-screens, tablets have become their pacifiers, interactive apps their rattles.

Though there is still much debate on the effects of second screen exposure on children, technology is an undeniable part of their development landscape. Digital tools will always be there but the question is: How are we supposed to use it?

As the world reconciles technology and tradition, how does a sector as fundamental as education make the transition? Learning goes beyond books – it’s about acquiring lessons, skills, and values not only found in the classroom. What are the changes being conducted and how does the growing significance of digital tools impact learning in this day and age?

Last December, Rappler, in partnership with Globe myBusiness, also hosted a live roundtable entitled: Are Philippine schools future ready?

Join us for a second round of discussion as we look into the role of technology in an environment of digital learners on July 11, 10 am.

Our panel includes:

Hope Leyson - Co-Owner and Education Director, The Laren School

Czyka Tumaliuan - Founder, Kwago

Grace Anduiza, Business Development Head for Globe myBusiness

This roundtable is moderated by Issa Litton.

#FutureReadyPH is Globe myBusiness’ campaign to bring internet access to more classrooms. It advocates strengthening the role of digital in education by providing schools with devices, technical infrastructure, and management software systems. –