Are you into sugar or spice? Here’s what research says about your personality

Learn what your flavor preferences say about you!

Published: 10:30 AM August 14, 2018

Updated: 5:51 AM August 30, 2018

MANILA, Philippines — We’re a country that celebrates with food. Whether it’s a wedding or a meeting, a yummy spread is an indispensable part of every joyous occasion. We even celebrate food itself — from the mundane bawang to the beloved lechon.

In recent years, the renewed interest in food has manifested with ubiquitous food parks and the popularity of Maginhawa and Lilac food trips.

Aside from being very telling of culture, studies have found that food preferences also connote certain personality traits. Do you love spicy ramen? Or do you have a weakness for anything coated in sugar? Learn what your favorite flavor says about you!

Sweet disposition

Graphics by Alyssa Arizabal

Got a sweet tooth? You might have an equally sweet personality to match, says this study.

If you flip to the dessert menu before anything else, you might exhibit agreeable and empathetic characteristics. Sweet lovers are more likely to frequent volunteer centers, contribute what they can to post-disaster efforts, and help a friend in need.

A little bit of spice

But if you’re all about adding lots of chili to your pizza, you might have a personality that commands attention.

According to this study, it’s not just reduced sensitivity to capsaicin in chili peppers that determines a preference for spicy food. The study finds that those deemed “sensation seeking,” who hanker after new, risky experiences, are more likely to taste and enjoy a sweat-inducing plate of curry.  

You might also be a determined achiever and winner. Because let’s face it: finishing a plate of spicy buffalo wings — no easy feat — induces a feeling of accomplishment.

When life gives you lemons

People who love sour food have to share the spotlight with those who like spicy food — they’re another strong personality type. Children who preferred sour tastes were also more likely to be “sensation seekers,” this study found.

They also stand out with their extroversion and outspokenness, and tend to be more adventurous with their food choices. They have lots of zest for life — no pun intended!

Are you feisty or friendly?

Do you like vanilla-flavored drinks? You might be easygoing, charming, and friendly — a much-needed source of comfort. If you prefer lime-flavored drinks, though, you’re likely to be funny, feisty, and spirited — a breath of fresh air.

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