Learn how to think like a growth manager

#WhatsNext and NXTLVL Academy partner for a breakthrough course on growth management and agile digital marketing from April 3 - April 19.


Published: 5:56 PM March 22, 2018

Updated: 11:49 AM March 23, 2018

MANILA, Philippines - NXTLVL Academy is a training provider dedicated to equipping the Philippines' next generation of tech talent through programs in the subjects of digital marketing, user experience design, web development, and data science.  

In 2018, NXTLVL Academy is launching a breakthrough class focused on growth management and agile digital marketing.

To lead these sessions is Ken Costales, Founder & CEO of Monolith Growth Consulting. He has consulted over twenty startups overseas in gaining traction and scaling their businesses.

Ken Costales, Founder and CEO of Monolith Growth Consulting, leads NXTLVL Academy's growth management course.

Unlike other classes, NXTLVL Academy's training will be focused on the research, numbers, and analytics, just as much as much as the creative aspects.

There are no pre-requisites for this class, but it will be only able to accommodate fifteen students in order provide the best and most focused learning experience.

The course runs for six classes, three hours each, twice a week and will be held in Makati during evenings, to accommodate the schedules of working professionals.

Click here to learn more or contact NXTLVL Academy at info@nxtlvlacademy.xyz. - Rappler.com