WATCH: Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban turn up the kilig in full ‘Exes Baggage’ trailer

The film premieres on September 26

Published: 11:35 PM September 12, 2018

Updated: 11:35 PM September 12, 2018

CARGEL. Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino star in 'Exes Baggage.' Screenshot from Black Sheep Philippines on YouTube

MANILA, Philippines – If you thought the Exes Baggage teaser already had more kilig than you could handle, wait ’til you see the full trailer.

The trailer, released on September 12, shows more footage from Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban’s much-awaited reunion film, including a lot more flirtatious banter – and snippets of what looks to be incredible dramatic performances from the two actors.

Exes Baggage follows the relationship that develops between Angelica’s character Pia, and Carlo’s character Nix, from the moment they meet and hit it off instantly, to their flirty late night conversations, to the point where they make promises to each other that they may or may not keep (and scenes in the trailer show the two of them doing some intense crying, so we sense that the two encounter trouble along the way).

While it’s a story that many people may already know having likely gone through it themselves, the chemistry between Carlo and Angelica make it fresh, and, more to the point, irresistible

The film, directed by Dan Villegas, hits cinemas on September 26.

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