WATCH: Can anyone 'survive the dead' in 'Kingdom' season 2?

'Kingdom' season 2 is bloodier and definitely more action-packed

Published: 11:04 AM February 18, 2020

Updated: 11:04 AM February 18, 2020

SEASON 2. The undead are a much trickier to deal with in season 2 of the hit series. Still from Netflix

MANILA, Philippines – The stakes are higher and the scenes tenser in the upcoming second season of the hit Netflix Korean thriller Kingdom.

Netflix on Tuesday, February 18, released a teaser for the second season, which premieres on the streaming site on March 13. 

In the first season of Kingdom, we learn of an epidemic in Joseon – one that turns the infected into undead that spring back to life at night. Crown Prince Lee Chang struggles to figure out who is trustworthy as intrigue and politics take over the royal family. 

But in the second season, the living must contend with a new threat: the infected are active even during daytime.   

Kingdom is Netflix's first original series from South Korea. The streaming platform, which also produces original movies and TV series, had earlier renewed Kingdom for a second season even before the first one debuted. –