LOOK: Flat Whites, a Caramel Cinnamon Cookie Latte coming to Starbucks Philippines

A new core drink and new limited edition drinks both for all Starbucks branches and Starbucks Reserve – details and prices here!

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Published: 11:06 AM September 6, 2018

Updated: 3:04 PM September 14, 2018

MANILA, Philippines – Here in the Philippines, the Yuletide season begins exactly when the clock strikes twelve on September 1.

So what better way to welcome the very, very early Christmas cheer than with drinks that hint at a bit of the good old red and green without going all the way? 

Beginning September 11, Starbucks and Starbucks Reserve stores will be offering new drinks and food options both for Starbucks diehards and the average guy or gal who just wants a cup of coffee.

New core beverage: Flat White (P155 - tall, P170 - grande, P185, grande)

TAKE TOUR PICK. Starbucks Philippines will now be offering the Flat White as part of its core menu.

It just makes it a little easier for regular buyers to avail of the flat white, a mix of ristretto shots and steamed milk.

Compared to the latte or the cappuccino, which already in the core menu, the flat white has a stronger coffee taste and a a sweeter finish.

Limited edition drinks and coffee beans, available from September 11 to November 1 only

Cascara Cold Foam Cold Brew (P170 - tall, P185 grande)

This isn’t for the faint of heart. Cascara is the skin and outer pulp of the coffee cherry. Mixed with Starbucks’ cold brew, it makes for a bold drink.

Caramel Cinnamon Cookie Latte (P155 - short, P165 - tall, P180 - grande, P195 - venti)

Think a drink version of a spice cookie – sweet, cinnamon-y, and spicy. It’s a good occasional treat now that the weather’s a little chillier than usual.

Single Original Series Sun Dried Ethiopia Sidamo (P445)

Starbucks describes this coffee as “bursting with lush cherry fruit flavors complemented by dark chocolate notes and a deep roastiness.”

The rest of Starbucks new offerings are for Starbucks Reserve branches only. Here’s a quick round up:

NEW CUPS. These Starbucks Reserve drinks are must-tries.

The drink is Starbucks Reserve espresso topped with a orange-piloncillo syrup, coffee spice foam and demerara sugar. It’s bold and unique – possibly a polarizing flavor for many.

Starbucks Reserve Hazelnut Bianco (P220 - tall, P235 - grande)

This. Is. The Bomb. It’s premium espresso mixed with hazelnut cream and it is divine. It teeters on tasting like a dessert drink but pulls out right on time. It’s sweet and smooth while still tasting very much like a solid cup of coffee.

Think: The Christmas favorite Toffee Nut Latte grows up.

Palmier (P60)

Pardon the hyperlocal reference but this one tastes like the flakier and more buttery cousin of the humble otap. The Palmier is a French cookie made with puff pastry dough and sprinkled with granulated sugar.

Kouign Amann (P95)

Photo courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

Bombolone (P80)

Photo courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Bark (P65)

Photo courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

Lemon Meringue Tart (P100)

Photo courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

Cookies and Cream Muffins (P95)

Photo courtesy of Starbucks Philippines

Mushroom, Apple Pumpkin Soup (140)

The Apply Pumpkin Soup has a surprisingly sweet kick (because of the apply, clearly) while the Mushroom soup packs all the familiar and comforting flavors you look for.

Starbucks Reserve Colombia Pedegral (P595)

Flavor profile: Pear and red apply
Complementary flavors: Baked fruits and brown sugar

Starbucks Reserve Rwanda Kanzu (P595)

Flavor profile: Asian pear and red current
Complementary flavors: Dried fruit and pear

Starbucks Reserve Hawaii Ka’U (P2,495)

Flavor profile: Almond and milk chocolate
Complementary flavors: Toasted coconut, milk chocolate, and caramel

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