WATCH: What was it like to work a fast food counter in the ‘80s?

Three former McDonald's employees tell us why they took the jobs – and why they chose to stay long after

Published: 11:30 PM July 20, 2018

Updated: 11:40 AM July 20, 2018

MCDONALD'S CREW. (L-R) Terry Yap, Joy Balcita, and Basil Bolinao all worked as McDonald's crew members in the '80s before moving up in the company. Rappler screenshot

MANILA, Philippines – It may not be the most glamorous job today, but being a McDonald’s crew member used to be the job to get, back when the fast food chain first opened in the Philippines in the ‘80s – after all, Richard Gomez himself was a crew member back then.

It’s been more than 30 years since McDonald’s reached Philippine shores, and the crew members of the past – the people who take your orders, clean the restaurants, and cook your food – are now all grown up.

We talked Terry Yap, Basil Bolinao, and Joy Balcita, who joined McDonald’s in the ‘80s while they were still in college. Basil joined because it was “cool,” Joy worked at the restaurant to fulfill her course’s practicum, and Terry wanted to help ease his parents’ burden, as they had to support 8 kids.

In the video above, find out more about what drew them to the job and what got them to stay long after college – Terry even stayed with McDonald’s for more than 20 years!

Their part-time jobs turned out to be stepping stones for other career-making moves, like starting new businesses and even traveling the world.

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