11 things you can now buy for cheaper from Muji

That zen aesthetic doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg anymore


Published: 6:28:16am March 13, 2018

Updated: 6:28:16am March 13, 2018

MANILA, Philippines – Muji, the go-to store for those who subscribe to that uncluttered Japanese aesthetic, recently did its Manila fans a favor by announcing that they were lowering their prices – because let's face it, P245 isn't easy to fork over for a pair of ankle socks that you'll probably lose in the wash in a matter of months, even if they are from Muji.

The store is slashing the prices of over 200 items, promising the same Muji goodness at a lower price.

One of those items is this oak bed frame – down to P17,000 from P23,500. The bed frame is made of solid oak wood, and includes a curved wood spring and a smaller board along the waist are to minimize pressure on the waist and the back. It can also be disassembled and reassembled, for ultimate practicality!

Oak bed frame (P17,000), Muji

Another piece you can get for your home is this bean bag chair (Muji calls it a beads sofa), that is stuffed with fine beads, and made to support the neck and waist. It's now down to P7,950 from P9,250.

Beads sofa (P7,950), Muji

If you like keeping your furniture mobile but comfortable, this ergonomic legless chair will do the trick. It's washable, and features 6 levels of recline that you can adjust based on your needs. The small one is now P2,950 down from the original P3,450, while the large one is now P3,450 down from P4,450.

Legless chair (from P2,950), Muji

Getting your life in order may be complicated, but getting your stuff in order is much simpler, especially with these translucent storage boxes that make it easy to peer inside, but still keeps your things organized. It's down to P995 from P1,250 for the 25 centimeter-deep one, and down to P1,250 from P1,650 for the 30 centimeter-deep box.

Polypropylene storage boxes (from P995), Muji

This hard case trolley has a handlebar that can easily be adjusted, and double-sided wheels that can be locked at any time for maximum mobility and stability. The trolley comes in 5 different sizes starting at P7,950 for the 19 liter case, which was originally P8,950.

Hard case trolley (from P7,950) from P8,950

Another travel must-have, this neck cushion is filled with the same fine beads as in the beads sofa, making it comfortable and supportive. The neck cushion is available at P1,750 down from P2,150, and if you want one with a hood, it's P2,150 down from P2,950.

Neck cushion (from P1,750), Muji

Everyone needs a good pair of sneaker socks, and this Muji pair is knit especially to fit the contour of your heel. This pair is now P195, down from P245.

Organic cotton ankle socks (P195), Muji

Create a spa-like environment with an aroma diffuser that vibrates to spread your scent of choice through the air and lets it linger for up to 3 hours. It also has an adjustable 2-level LED light. It used to cost P5,450, but it's new price is P3,950.

Aroma diffuser (P3,950), Muji

Skincare could cost an arm and a leg, but here, you have a quality product that is more affordable – P265 from P345. This cleansing oil contains olive oil, which makes it nourishing for the skin and great for removing makeup.

Sensitive skincare cleansing oil (P265), Muji

Muji stationery has a fanbase of its own, and understandably so. Their paper is thick enough to keep your ink from bleeding from one side to the other, and the smooth texture is a dream. A set of 5 notebooks now costs P225 from P375.

Planting tree paper notebook - set of 5 (P225), Muji

Relive your childhood with colorful pens that will make your notes, to-do lists and reminders less boring. These pens are leak-proof and write smoothly. They now cost P65, down from P85.

Retractable gel ink pen (P65), Muji

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