What House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez's birth chart says about him

The stars might just give insight into the controversial politician's actions and decisions


Published: 5:0 AM July 22, 2018

Updated: 8:18 AM July 23, 2018

(This is a series on the birth charts of the 3 men who lead the two branches of Philippine government – the executive and legislative. Read up on the birth chart of Senate President Tito Sotto here.)  

Pantaleon "Bebot" Alvarez, former transportation secretary, was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives in July 2016. That means he is the country's 4th highest official and has the nod of majority of the lower chamber's members. 

Alvarez's term, so far, has been a roller coaster. Under his watch, the House has found itself in an uneasy tango with the judiciary, passing both popular and controversial laws, and even impeaching (or attempting to impeach) several officials. 

An Ateneo law graduate, Alvarez stopped practicing law after only two years because he realized it was not his calling. He then worked at the Manila International Airport Authority as an action officer and rose through the ranks to be chief operating officer. 

In 2001, he was appointed secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communication.

Alvarez's stint as House speaker hasn't been easy either. While he still has the confidence of majority of the chamber, and is still considered a chief Duterte ally, he has also locked horns with several prominent politicians, including no less than Sara Duterte, eldest daughter of the President. 

Alvarez has also pushed for legislation that Duterte not only doesn't support but is actively against.  

How then can we get to know the contradiction that is Pantaleon Alvarez? Perhaps astrology can be used as a tool to delve into the different facets of this man in power. (READ: Planets, signs, houses: Your guide to understanding astrology)

The basics

Alvarez has his Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Virgo.

Sounds familiar? Yes, Duterte's Moon also happens to be in Virgo.

Since the Moon is associated with emotional needs, feelings, and what brings a person comfort, the Alvarez-Duterte attraction is no coincidence. Alvarez has backed Duterte on issues like the martial law in Mindanao, the postponement of barangay elections, and the campaign against illegal drugs.

After all, we are drawn to people who share the same dreams, react the same way, and in whose presence we feel the most comfortable in. Birds of the same feather truly do flock together.

The Sun represents the ego and self-identity. The Moon indicates emotions and emotional needs.

The Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Virgo individual struggles to gain as much power as possible to compensate for either real or imagined fears. Their greatest pleasure comes from the prestige that their work provides. No doubt, Alvarez's birthday bash left him on a high.

Cautious, logical, and thrifty Virgo links up with determined, resolute, and career-minded Capricorn making him astute in convincing people to change their mind. His strength is cold, hard logic.

Perhaps the pitfall of this placement is never being content. There is always a voice inside telling them that they have not gone far enough. Their lesson is to learn to have sympathy for themselves and others. Their worst critic is actually themselves. Simply trying to accept themselves instead of becoming obsessed with status is perhaps their biggest lesson.

Mercury in Sagittarius: The quick tongue

Mercury is the mind, how one thinks and communicates. The Mercury in Sagittarius individual is blunt in speech and are often guilt of putting their foot in their mouth. While they are very passionate about what they believe in, they also long to "wing it" instead of thinking things through.

This comes as no surprise, with the Speaker's bold (and to some, mind-blogging) decision to call Sara Duterte a part of the opposition, call on Cabinet members who disagree with Duterte's policies and programs to resign, threaten to have Congress "dissolve" the Court of Appeals, call court justices derogatory terms such as "gago," "bugok," and "buwang," shaming De Lima and referring to her as a "serial liar"... the list goes on.

Venus in Aquarius: The rebellious lover

Venus, associated with love, shows how a person expresses themselves in intimate relationships. It gives clues as to expectations in relationships, such as marriage, and the way an individual approaches love.

Venus in Aquarius individuals love to question the foundations of their society, to challenge their effectiveness with the intent to support the causes of those are oppressed or disempowered. They are quite the rebels when it comes to love and don’t follow the beaten track in matters of the heart. They are often unsatisfied by affairs which quickly turn into conventional relationships. They are threatened by restrictions of any kind. Their love for novelty and adventure suggests the tendency to be unstable and unfaithful.

Sounds familiar? Alvarez's extramarital affair is no secret to the public. He has introduced his girlfriend, Jennifer Maliwanag Vicencio, as his "current wife" and has claimed to be part of the Manobo tribe to explain why he can still marry his girlfriend should he wish.

More recently, he pushed for the dissolution of marriage in the predominantly Catholic Philippines.

While stern in appearance, when it comes to matters of the heart, truly, a different story emerges for Alvarez.

Venus is also in opposition with Uranus. This further suggests an unusual love life as the planet of love comes into conflict with the planet of freedom and individuality. Marriage is not for individuals with this aspect. If thrown into it, the marriage may end in a separation or might simply be written off as a youthful mistake.

Alvarez has admitted to fathering 8 children from 3 different women. 

Could this all be a coincidence or was it written in the stars? – Rappler.com