What President Rodrigo Duterte's birth chart says about him

What do the stars say about the President?


10:30:0pm July 29, 2018

3:20:26am August 1, 2018

Image of Duterte from Malacañang

Image of Duterte from Malacañang

“It’s what you get along the way that shapes your character. It influences your politics and how you look at the world. It blends into something that forms your own values in life,” President Rodrigo Duterte in an interview with Al Jazeera back in 2016, just months into his term.

What has shaped our very own President Rodrigo Duterte’s character? And what events have led him to become the famous (or infamous) leader he is today?

Duterte was born on March 28, 1945 in Maasin, Philippines at 2:20 AM.

He has his Sun in Aries, Moon in Virgo, Mercury in Aries and Ascendant in Aquarius.

Sun and Mercury in Aries: The Pioneer

Both Duterte's Sun (the ego and identity) as well as Mercury (the mind and communication) are in the feisty sign of Aries.

This placement of the Sun and Mercury makes the individual direct, straightforward, and uncomplicated in manner and speech. While impatience is a common trait for the youngest of the zodiac, innovation is perhaps their greatest strength — they know what they want and they know the quickest way to getting it.

They are absolute risk takers with a love for speed and dangerous pastimes.

The president, as retold by his sister, Jo, would drive her crazy by making the car run up to 100 kph whenever they’d get into a heated argument. Though Duterte’s critics have labelled him the “foul-mouthed adulterer” consumed with killing criminals, it seems as if millions favor him for exactly that. (READ: Rody Duterte: The rebellious son, the prankster brother)

Nothing gets him more excited than the promise of a new day, a fresh slate, a brand new start.

Not surprisingly, our newly-appointed House Speaker is also an Aries sun. Our Senate President has Aries on his moon as well. (READ: What Senate President Tito Sotto's birth chart says about him)

Could this be the cosmic alignment to propel our country forward?

Moon in Virgo

The Moon in Virgo individual tends to set aside emotions for practicality. He is highly appreciative of structure, organization, and detail. As an earth sign, he is drawn to what is tangible. As a mutable sign, he craves change and variety.

In the sign of service, this individual has an innate need to nurture others through offering practical service in everyday ways and preferring to work away from the spotlight. Dutiful, they are simply happy to help and expect no recognition.

We are reminded of an instance in April 2015 when the President was nominated for the “World Mayor Award” established by the City Mayor Foundation. He declined, saying that he had only been doing his duty and had no appetite for awards.

Aquarius Rising: “Expect reforms, radical ones.” (SONA)

The rising sign or ascendant is one’s personal and external presentation. It is how one appears to the world and the first impression one makes on others. It is the side that one allows to others to see and shows how one asserts himself.

Aquarius is associated with Uranus, the great awakener, whose focus is on freedom (from drug addiction?), independence, and awareness. This makes the individual a revolutionary who pushes for progressive change and assists in shifts in the collective consciousness.

He needs a cause to get behind or may become rebellious. He is inclined to be extreme and unpredictable, which can be a delight or difficulty depending on the situation.

The president really does have his own way of functioning and stands for what he considers “right” — from supposedly shooting a fellow student because he was a bully, to forcing a tourist to swallow a cigarette butt because he violated the anti-smoking law.

At their best, they are freedom fighters involved in charitable causes, driven to serve humanity. They make fearsome campaigners and activists. Once aligned in a cause, they will get behind it tirelessly.

Because the Aquarius individual seem so open to new ideas, it may be surprising when their stubborn streak appears. Aquarius is a fixed sign, after all.

With Aquarius rising, there can be resistance to change and a tendency to want to force their opinion on others. With their eye to the future of the masses, they can overlook the more personal needs of those closest to them.

Aquarius also rules technology. The sign governs the media industry, anything that connects the masses in some way, the digital world, new technologies, and new inventions. 

Uranus in the 4th house

The Uranus in 4th house individual is all about defying the rules and insisting on change.

If Uranus is where things do not happen conventionally for us, then having 4th house in Uranus means that you have family history that has been anything but normal. The 4th house shows us where we’ve come from and the ways in which we’ve developed out roots through these past experiences.

With such a family background, it is natural that the individual will develop a different view toward life and toward domestic atmosphere, resulting in similar patterns when he creates his own family.

While Duterte's reactions were likely driven by several factors and intentions, it's interesting to see how this aspect sheds more light on his behavior – people might be reminded of his continuing affection for his Aries ex-wife Elizabeth Zimmerman. “Given another life, I would still marry Elizabeth,” he says. 

Then there is Cielito “Honeylet” Avanceña, his partner of 20 years – the supportive, quiet, and prayerful wife who cares for the health and well-being of her husband.

Did Duterte have an unconventional childhood as his chart says? (READ: Rody Duterte: The rebellious son, the prankster brother)

8th house stellium

The 8th house in astrology deals with sexuality, the unknown, gut instinct, emotion and transformation. A stellium in the 8th house means having three or more planets in that house, particularly Neptune, Chiron, the Moon, and Jupiter.

With an emphasis on the 8th house, the individual has a talent for knowing what others want and is able to empathize easily with people since they are so connected to emotion. The connection can be so intense that some individuals are unable to stop themselves from bursting when the emotions overwhelm.

As the individual is able to appeal to others emotionally, they may be seen as the defender of people’s home. This is a perfect placement for a leader, as it grants the individual the power to inspire people to follow and fight for their cause.

Chiron in astrology is the wounded healer — the parts of one’s self that experienced trauma and is in need of deep healing. Chiron in the 8th house suggests emotional wounds connected to sexuality. 

Sun Opposition Neptune

This aspect can stimulate in the individual a distorted and self-deluding perspective of reality, creating additional problems and obstacles in life and decision-making.

The individual is often focused on self-created or imaginary issues. The father may have been absent or distant in childhood and the individual struggles with defining who they are, getting into the wrong crowds in an attempt to define themselves.

Sun square Saturn: The long road of commitment 

Saturn takes time for one to realize his full potential. With this aspect, the individual may experience a difficulty figuring out what they want to achieve, not understanding how capable they are. 

Criticism early on may have led them to be hard on themselves but the benefit is that they are determined and persevere to overcome any setbacks and become masters of self-discipline, achievement, and responsibility.

His last statements during the SONA?

“Two years later, my solid commitment to directly and decisively address our nation’s collective challenges remains. It has not wavered. In truth, it has even gotten stronger through adversity and the desire to give the people the most we can, within my term in this government.”

The President stays true to his chart. – Rappler.com