WATCH: Using technology to push for tax reform

Mon Abrea, also known as the Philippine Tax Whiz, demonstrates the power of digital as a platform for change

Published: 5:20 AM December 18, 2016

Updated: 12:55 PM December 24, 2016

MANILA, Philippines — Raymond Abrea, otherwise known as the Philippine Tax Whiz, is the Digital Mover for this year’s Move Awards.  

For years, Mon Abrea has been rallying for tax education and tax reform. “Next to death, everybody fears or avoids taxes,” he says. “Our current tax system is inefficient and burdensome to a lot of people, especially the ordinary employees and small businesses.”

Because of a severe lack of awareness on the part of the people, and inefficient systems in place on the part of the government, tax evasion becomes commonplace. By bringing tax education online, he hopes to reach the younger audience and help them understand the tax systems better, and in turn, empower them to move when they feel that the system could be better. 

“If taxes are becoming more of a burden than the benefit they get from government, then the younger generation must make a stand and must not allow for it to continue,” Mon says. 

So, through his consultancy service, Facebook page, and regular online columns, Mon Abrea is the Philippine Tax Whiz for all those who are willing to listen. 

Most recently, Mon took his advocacy further when he launched the Philippine Tax Congress, which eventually led to the signing of the memorandum of agreement with the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Department of Trade and Industry. 

What’s next for Mon Abrea? Soon, a national tax awareness campaign is in order as well as a tax whiz app. 

“His advocacy is to promote genuine tax reform in the Philippines,” said Marion Villar as he received the Digital Mover Award on Mon Abrea's behalf. “These awards are not for personal gain. It’s a means to share his advocacy.” —