Rant session? Netizens dismayed by Duterte's Q and A with Panelo

Netizens express their frustration over the téte-a-téte

Abigail Abigan

9:54:35am September 12, 2018

9:54:35am September 12, 2018

MANILA, Philippines – After some confusion on whether it would push through or not, the highly anticipated "address" of President Rodrigo Duterte to the people was aired live on state-run PTV4 on Tuesday afternoon, September 11.

After the one hour-and-a-half "téte-a-téte" between Duterte and Chief Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo, netizens expressed their frustration over the President's confusing statements, as well as his habit of jumping from one topic to another.  

Twitter user @jaydnvr thought that Malacañang should have let the media ask questions instead of Panelo. Some called out the Palace lawyer's showbiz-style questions.

Other netizens said that the interview apparently revolved around Trillanes, turning much of the conversation into a rant session.  (LIST: False claims of Duterte, Panelo about legal issues on Trillanes amnesty)

Check out what other netizens had to say:

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