Move Awards 2016: Millennials who #InspireCourage

Last November 11, Rappler recognized 5 exemplary individuals who have made waves in their fields and communities

Nikki Natividad

Published: 5:32 AM November 15, 2016

Updated: 3:18 AM November 28, 2016

MANILA, Philippines – They say that the only thing constant in life is change. We say the best kind of change is in our hands.

Last November 11 at the Ayala Museum, Rappler hosted the second Move Awards, an event that celebrates outstanding Filipinos who have dared to change their communities.

This year’s festivities are special in two ways: first, its focus was on millennials – the young guns whose weapons of choice for social change are technology, creativity, and connectivity. Second, it coincided with the #InspireCourage event, Rappler’s celebration of courage in its many forms.  (READ: Rappler thanks community, partners at #InspireCourage

MOVE AWARDS 2016. Rappler's CEO and Executive Editor, Maria Ressa. All photos by Alecs Ongcal/Rappler

“Regardless of what you believe or where you come from, it’s very clear that this is a time of great change,” said Maria Ressa, Rappler’s CEO and Executive Editor. “It’s a time of creative destruction. And as destruction is happening, we’re also creating a new world. What do we need? We think we need courage.”

This year, we recognized 14 exemplary Filipino millennials who were courageous enough to move; to move for what they believed in, and to move towards their vision of what the world could be.

The selection process 

The winners were determined through a combination of a private panel vote (60%) and public vote (40%).

A panel of judges were invited to rate and score the finalists based on the following criteria:

Social Good



Move Spirit

“It was very, very hard to select 14,” said panlist Gian Dela Rama, who is CEO of Innovantage Inc. “All of them exhibited something that was different: they exhibited the ability to move other people; the ability to inspire other people to do the work they set out to do.

“We were very inspired, at awe, and at times, a bit jealous, because of many of them are younger than us,” Gian added.

After the top 14 were selected, the finalists were announced to the public. And 16,898 votes later, the winners were selected based on their combined panel and public vote scores.

The Civic Mover: I’MPOWER

(Panel Vote: 78.80%; Public Vote: 47%; Final Vote: 66.08%) 

HEALTH AND TECH. (L to R): Rupert Ambil, Executive director of, I'MPOWER's Joyce Tiam-Lee and Arlyze Arenas, Maria Ressa

Not everyone is privileged enough to be able to move for themselves. And people with disabilities (PWDs), especially from poor, underprivileged communities, are the most helpless. Giving these people the ability to move for themselves is to give them power and independence. 

“This recognition is not entirely for our group,” said Arlyze Arenas of I’MPOWER upon accepting the award. “It’s the recognition of the community and those different community rehabilitation centers for actually taking the time to help, especially those of the less privileged communities, to receive health care that everyone should be receiving.”

The Creative Mover: Mark Salvatus

(Panel Vote: 67.70%; Public Vote: 34%; Final Vote: 54.28%) 

ART MEETS ADVOCACY. (L to R) Designer, illustrator and panelist, Dan Matutina; PSP's Kookoo, Chill, and Tripp; Maria Ressa

“Our vision as a collective is to share our vision,” said PSP's Chill, who accepted the award on Mark's behalf together with Kookoo and Tripp. “We made it closer to the public so that anyone can see it, anytime, anywhere, so that it may also affect the people who pass by.”

The Digital Mover: Raymond Abrea

(Panel Vote: 73%; Public Vote: 76%; Final Vote: 74.2%)

TAX EDUCATION. (L to R) Gian Dela Rama, Raymond Abrea's sister and nephew, Raymond's representative, Marion Villar, and Maria Ressa

“His advocacy is to promote genuine tax reform in the Philippines,” said Marion Villar on behalf of Mon Abrea. “These awards are not for personal gain. It’s a means to share his advocacy.”

The Earth Mover: Cherrie Atilano

(Panel Vote: 72.20%; Public Vote: 46%; Final Vote: 61.72%)

BRINGING BACK FARMING. Artist and 2013 Do More Awards winner AG Saño and Maria Ressa with AGREA's founder, Cherrie Atilano

“I’m Cherrie and I’m making farming cool, smart, sexy, and humane,” she said upon receiving the award.

AGREA’s mission is three-fold: to eradicate poverty for farming and fishing families to mitigate the effects of climate change, and to establish food security in the Philippines. Right now, AGREA’s efforts are focused on Marinduque, but Cherrie hopes to one day replicate their model in other corners of the Philippines. 

The Industry Mover: Patch Dulay

(Panel Vote: 73%; Public Vote: 72%; Final Vote: 72.60%)

SPARK OF HOPE. Patch Dulay of The Spark Project receiving his award

The Philippines is a country rife with ideas and possibilities, but one of the main barriers to realizing these possibilities is capital – or rather, the lack thereof.  That’s where he got the idea to launch The Spark Project, a crowdfunding platform for local businesses, which, to date, has raised over P3.5 million pesos for over 30 local businesses.

“The Spark Project has always believed in the talent of the Filipino – creativity and our innovativeness,” Patch said. “When I started back in 2013, I Just really dared – maybe if we provide a space for Filipinos, for these gems, to be discovered and supported by people like you and me, maybe we can make a difference.”

All winners received a trophy and cash prize. Rappler will also work with these Movers to help promote their future events and activities. 

Jobstreet awarded the Industry Mover and additional P10,000 for his chosen organization or cause.

The Ripple

MOVERS AND SHAKERS. The Move Awards finalists who #InspireCourage

Here at Rappler, we dream of a better world. And we acknowledge that dream can only be fulfilled when people have the courage to move.

“Tonight is not about us,” said Rupert Ambil, Executive Director of “Tonight is about you, and it is a great honor to tell your story.”

The Move Awards is not just a celebration of what has been accomplished, but the beginnings of what can still be done for the nation. These 5 individuals are only a few of the many Filipinos who are creating ripples those for a better world.  It is now up to the rest of us to push that ripple further. –