#ThinkPH 2018: Unlocking the creative potential of young Filipinos

For the second part of our series of roundtable discussions, we’ll delve into the future of creative economies. Join us as we stream live from the Rappler studio on September 5, Wednesday, 4 pm.


Published: 3:31 PM September 5, 2018

Updated: 4:06 PM September 5, 2018

MANILA, Philippines – Creativity is innately human. And in the age of automation, it is this, along with our ability to think critically, that machines will not be able to replicate.

So where do future generations fit in an automated future?

Join us for the second of a series of #ThinkPH Week roundtable discussions with the theme, "Unlocking the creative potential of young Filipinos."

We’ll explore the concept of creative economies.

How will young Filipinos harness it? How can they be part of it? What will be their roles in the future global market?

Joining us are the following thought leaders: