#ThinkPH 2018: Does PH education need rebooting?

This is our third and last roundtable discussion for #ThinkPH. Join us as we stream live from the Rappler studio on September 6, Thursday, 4 pm.


Published: 3:38 PM September 6, 2018

Updated: 4:01 PM September 6, 2018

MANILA, Philippines – Where does the education of a typical Filipino student stand?

As developments around the world move in an unprecedented pace, Philippine schools are increasingly subjected to scrutiny. Are they able to adapt? What are the gaps? What must students do given the limited resources available to them?

For the third and final roundtable discussion for #ThinkPH 2018, we explore the big question boggling many parents’ minds: Does PH education need an update?

Joining us are the following thought leaders:

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