WATCH: Declare revolutionary government, supporters urge Duterte

Their rationale for this move: the country needs to start anew, given a so-called 'failed system' that can only be cured by 'extraordinary measures'

Published: 8:00 AM December 1, 2017

Updated: 12:17 PM December 1, 2017

MANILA, Philippines – Demonstrators storm Mendiola on Bonifacio Day, November 30, to urge President Rodrigo Duterte to declare a revolutionary government. Rambo Talabong reports.

RAMBO TALABONG, REPORTING: Thousands of protesters gather at historic Mendiola in Manila on November 30, Bonifacio day.

They say they're part of Network Revolution, a unity coalition of various groups and individuals  urging strongman President Rodrigo Duterte to declare a revolutionary government or “RevGov.”  

Their rationale for this move: the country needs to start anew, given a so-called "failed system" that can only be cured by "extraordinary measures."

Should Duterte declare a revolutionary government, the 1987 Constitution will be set aside and everything in government goes back to the drawing board. They want 7 things to come out of this:

1. A new constitution that will replace the 1987 Constitution

2. A federal system compatible with the current state of the country

3. End corruption in government and the private sector

4. Strengthen the country's security through the Internal Security Act

5. Expedite the modernization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police

6. End drug and criminal syndicates

7. Open the national economy to all who want to help improve the country

On top of these, they want the President to fulfill his campaign promises, such as fixing the traffic problem in Metro Manila.

Protesters have been camping here in Mendiola as early as 9 am in order to ask President Duterte: declare a revolutionary government. 

They stay despite the blazing Manila heat, and an afternoon downpour.

The RevGov advocates are undeterred despite the President saying he has no plans in the near future of overhauling the system.

He says he'll only resort to RevGov under extreme circumstances.

The last revolutionary government was declared by Cory Aquino in 1986, abolishing the 1973 Marcos Constitution.

This early, critics say the move is nothing short of a coup d' etat to install a dictatorship and give more power to Duterte.

Rambo Talabong, Rappler, Manila. –