Batman fail, wrong Reyes, and other #PiliPinasDebates2016 memes

Rely on Filipino netizens to beat the political heat and refresh our social media feeds with some humor

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8:14:23am April 25, 2016

7:14:25pm April 25, 2016

MANILA, Philippines – The summer heat is here, but not even that could top the sizzling exchange between candidates as they faced off at the 3rd and last Comelec-sanctioned presidential debates in Pangasinan on Sunday, April 24

As always, expect Filipino netizens to beat the political heat and refresh our social media feed with some humor. 

Rappler collects some of the best memes and funniest posts during the presidential debates for your post-debate chill.


Tension between participants is expected during a debate. However, netizens saw a different kind of tension between good friends Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Not even KathNiel nor JaDine can top this iron man-iron lady tandem.  

The plot thickened when Senator Grace Poe joined the fray. Are we seeing the next hit telenovela in the making here?

Would you elect a DuRiam president?

Philippine government’s Next Top Model

Some of the presidential candidates, namely Vice President Jejomar Binay and Poe, also seemed to have treated the stage as a catwalk. 

Why not work it if you have it, right?

BatMar, PokeMar, and the 'MewTwoWid na Daan'

During the debate, Liberal Party standard-bearer Manuel Roxas II also made a reference to Batman. 

That was pretty cool, until...

Netizens quickly figured out that it wasn't an accurate quotation. 

We wonder how The Dark Knight would react to this. 

Maybe he meant Mewtwo from Pokemon instead?

Cristine Reyes, the OFW

Another line from Roxas that earned that attention of netizens was the story about an OFW named Cristine Reyes.

Could it be... the Cristine Reyes we all know

Well, that was ineed a very interesting turn of events. 

The Punisher

If the Philippines wins the arbitration case on the West Philippine Sea dispute and China does not acknowledge our victory, Duterte mentioned he would go the disputed land riding a jet ski. 

Why, you ask? Just imagine how intimidating that would be like, we guess. 

Behold, the Punisher...on a jet ski.


Of course, we should also give credit to the event's unsung hero: the interpreter.

How hard is that job, right?

It's all good when you become an instant '' star.  

Good job, netizens. 

Ethel's commentary

Of course, for something as important as this presidential debate, people were tuned in to comedian Ethel Booba's live Twitter commentary.

And of course, let's end this with a sincere reminder from Ethel.

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