5 years tweeting: Top Twitter moments of Miriam Santiago

What's your favorite tweet from the charismatic lady senator?

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Published: 7:57 PM March 12, 2015

Updated: 8:05 PM March 12, 2015

MANILA, Philippines – A Philippine politician loved by many netizens is celebrating her Twitter birthday on Thursday, March 12.

On Thursday afternoon, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago posted a screenshot of her Twitter profile on her Instagram account.

A photo posted by Miriam Defensor Santiago (@iamsenmiriam) on Mar 12, 2015 at 1:42am PDT

"I joined Twitter exactly five years ago today. Thank you very, very much to the 1.3 million who are now following me! #tbt http://twitter.com/senmiriam," the caption reads.

The charismatic senator created her Twitter account on March 12, 2010. Since then, the account has gathered over 1.3 million followers and generated numerous viral tweets. The senator is following 95 accounts as of posting.

In half a decade of tweeting, Santiago became the second local politician with the largest audience on Twitter, ahead of Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas II and next to no less than President Benigno Aquino III.

Santiago's account is also the fastest-growing profile among politicians in the Philippines in the last month, according to Socialbakers.com. She also has the second highest number of Twitter followers among Philippine politicians. 

Screen grabbed from socialbakers.com
Screen grabbed from socialbakers.com

What is Santiago's most retweeted tweet of all time? According to mytoptweet.com, it was about Janet Napoles and the PDAF senate probe in November 2013. The tweet has over 4,000 retweets as of today.

Final words to #Napoles :Tell the truth before the senators affected will have you assassinated. #PDAFProbe — Miriam Santiago (@senmiriam) November 7, 2013

To #Napoles : You cannot keep on invoking your right against self-incrimination since you took an oath to tell the truth. — Miriam Santiago (@senmiriam) November 7, 2013

I will leave my sickbed to confront Janet Napoles tomorrow to show that she cannot take advantage of the right against self-incrimination. — Miriam Santiago (@senmiriam) November 6, 2013

Here are some of Santiago's most retweeted tweets from her early years on the social networking site:

When you get older, you'll be wiser but also too lazy to get out of your comfort zone. So travel as much as you can while you are young. — Miriam Santiago (@senmiriam) June 28, 2011

This is a personality attack. They want me to change my personality. Hindi na possible ’yan because I was born this way. — Miriam Santiago (@senmiriam) March 5, 2012

I'm very grateful to the Filipino people who see that despite everything, I'm a goodhearted person who's just trying to do good. — Miriam Santiago (@senmiriam) March 12, 2012

Below are the top 20 tweets of Senator Miriam Santiago since 2014, based on engagement:

Happy Twitter birthday from the Rappler Social Media team, Senator Miriam!

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