[WATCH] 20 stories in 2017: War, impunity, and disinformation

The war on drugs, the Marawi siege, the ASEAN Summit, and global disinformation gripped the nation this year. Rappler’s yearender video takes you through 20 of 2017's top stories


Published: 1:37:53pm December 29, 2017

Updated: 3:19:18pm December 30, 2017

War takes the forefront in 2017.

It begins with the continuation of President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs. 

The killings bring to mind one word: impunity. 

There are other fronts: waging war against perceived critics online and offline; and a first in the region, a months-long war against ISIS-linked terrorists in Marawi City.

President Duterte also goes on the charm offensive in hosting world leaders in this year’s ASEAN Summit.

In between, a hazing death and a controversial dengue vaccine grip the nation.

But a constant in people's lives is Metro Manila's traffic.

On the social media front, disinformation becomes a global phenomenon that undermines democracy. The Philippines becomes one of the case studies for keyboard armies influencing public opinion.

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ANCHOR: Maria Ressa
PRODUCERS: Lilibeth Frondoso, Allan Lazaro
WRITER: Allan Lazaro, Lilibeth Frondoso
EDITORS: Jaene Zaplan, Exxon Ruebe
CREATIVES: Alyssa Arizabal, Alejandro Edoria, Janina Malinis