10 ways technology and social media changed us

Are you guilty for falling under any of these categories?

Holley Gawne

Published: 7:07 PM February 2, 2017

Updated: 7:08 PM February 2, 2017

JAKARTA, Indonesia – A leading international marketing officer has identified the top 10 ways technology has changed Indonesians.

Speaking at the Global Mobile App Summit and Awards (GMASA) on January 26, Danny Oei Wirianto highlighted the key changes in Indonesian society since the introduction of smartphones. 

Wirianto, who is the Chief Marketing Office at GDP Venture, a holding group that oversees 20 companies, says while these differences are applicable to many countries, they are especially noticeable in Indonesia.

Indonesians purchase the most mobile phones in Southeast Asia. And with 280 million mobile phone subscribers, Indonesia is the third largest mobile phone market in the world.

According to Wirianto, as many as 69% of Indonesians continue to use their mobile phones while in bed, and “[are] even spending longer in the bathroom because they’re distracted by their devices.”

Wirianto says that with 72 million Indonesians actively using social media, he sees no chance of these changes slowing down or decreasing in commonness.

Here are his observed top 10 behaviorial changes in the digital era: 

1. More adventurous 

They now dare to explore more due to the lure of photographs on social media

2. Less honest

There is now a greater tendency to lie about their lives with the dawn of social media.

3. Impatient

With everything now so easily accesible, and everything transmitted in real-time, Wirianto says people are increasingly impatient.

4. ‘Friend-ism’

According to Wirianto, ‘friendism’ is the phenomenon of everyone – from your parents to strangers – being considered a ‘friend’ on social media, regardless of whether this accurately describes your relationship with this person.

5. Videology

Learning and communicating are now largely done through video.

6. Expressive

People are posting more and there is less and less privacy. “Everyone is very expressive now, they cry on video, and exhibit their personal life as if personal boundaries don’t exist. For what? Because they want attention,” said Wiranto.

7. Pictography

Messages are now more visual through photos and pictures, no longer just text.

8. Knowledgeable

People are more curious and they have greater access to information.

9. The era of freetality

People expect to receive all information and internet services for free.

10. Shopaholic

People tend to spend more, while more people can sell (anything!) via online. 

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