TASTE TEST: 5 best nasi goreng in Jakarta

Which nasi goreng is the most delicious?

Sakinah Ummu Haniy

Published: 4:11 PM August 8, 2017

Updated: 4:11 PM August 8, 2017

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Aside from beef rendang, nasi goreng, or fried rice, is another Indonesian dish that has been recognized across the globe. According to CNN Travel 2017, it is the second most delicious dish in the world. 

Indonesian fried rice has its own uniqueness compared to similar cuisines from other countries. Nasi goreng has rich flavor because of the various spices in it, as well as meat, which could be chicken, beef, mutton, pork, or meatballs.

We tried 5 nasi goreng dishes known around Jakarta as among the best. Here they are below, and watch the video for more details.

1. Nasi Goreng Rempah Mafia

SECRET INGREDIENTS. Gangster Fried Rice from Nasi Goreng Rempah Mafia has a secret spice ingredients. Photo by Sakinah Ummu Haniy/Rappler

This restaurant first opened in Bandung, West Java. Today they have 19 stores in 9 cities across Indonesia. There are 4 in Jakarta.

They have atleast 6 different types of fried rice with special spices and toppings. We can also pick our own spicy preferences, from level 0 to level 5.

Their special dish, called Gangster Fried Rice, is a must-try. It has a secret spice that gives it a balanced taste of spicy, salty, and savory.

2. Bakmi Jogja Apjay

Even though the restaurant's name is Bakmi, which means noodles, they serve highly recommended fried rice dishes, especially nasi goreng kebuli kambing — a mutton fried rice with kebuli spices. It’s located in Panglima Polim area, South Jakarta.

For 28,000 rupiah or $1.95 per portion, you can get a nicely seasoned rice dish with mutton. You can also tell the seller your spice preference.

3. Warung Bhakti

Warung Bhakti is a street stall located in Blok S area, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. They serve various options of toppings for their fried rice, including chicken, mutton, sausages, and meatballs.

We tried their mutton fried rice for Rp.25,000 or $1.90. The rice is a little too salty but the mutton tastes delicious and is easy to chew.

4. Nasi Goreng Gila Gondrong

Nasi Goreng Gila Gondrong is also called Nasi Goreng Gila Obama because the restaurant is located right across the elementary school where U.S. President Barack Obama spent his childhood during his Jakarta years.

Their most famous dish is nasi goreng gila or crazy fried rice. The rice is mixed with various toppings such as sausages, meatballs, scrambled egg, plus an omelet and crackers on top of it all. Even though the rice tastes ordinary, the toppingare tasty, making the dish worth it.

5. Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih

We can easily say that Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih is the most popular fried rice stall in Jakarta. They opened in 1957 or around 60 years ago. Because of their tasty dish and strategic location, it us always packed with customers until midnight.

However, maybe because they cook multiple portions at once in huge pans, the spices are not blended very well. When we went there, their mutton was not cooked well and it was hard to chew.—Rappler.com