WATCH: Extraordinary 'mani' in Pagadian City

What makes ordinary 'mani' extraordinary?


Published: 3:39 AM August 8, 2017

Updated: 1:58 AM August 9, 2017

PRIDE OF PAGADIAN. A new specialty of Pagadian is now starting to make its name within the locals and tourists.

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MANILA, Philippines - Known as "Little Hong Kong of the South" and the capital of Zamboanga del Sur Province, Pagadian is known to tourists for its wonderful terrain.

But one of its unforgotten treasures is its food and delicacies, which make the town beyond extraordinary.

A new specialty of Pagadian is now starting to make its mark among locals and tourists. It consists of peanuts seasoned with other native delicacies such as dilis, danggit, and pusit.

With 65 special flavors and combinations, the specialty is easily earning its reputation as Pagadian's new best seller. 

Called “Mani ni Juan," the product can be bought along F.S. Pajares Avenue in Pagadian City. It should be part of your pasalubong list when visiting Pagadian!  – 

By EstudyanTRIP Originally published under Rappler X